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Trendy, distinguished and downright delicious – this is 3D Beer.  Hosting a mouth-watering list of freshly-brewed beers and ciders all available to savour from the comfort of your own home with our online beer delivery service, in partnership with

Thanks to 3D Beer, no longer does the phrase ‘craft ale’ throw up images of elderly men in flat caps cradling pints in wood-panelled, floral-carpeted pubs.  Our aim is to help transform the beer industry’s reputation from tired to trendy.

Using traditional brewing methods, with specially hand-picked ingredients including a more ‘punchy’ range of American hops, and an emphasis on flavour and quality, the process of creating craft ales takes time. But the result is a vast range of experimental flavours and tastes that large-scale commercial brewers just can’t and won’t compete with.

So welcome to 3D Beer.  Explore what we have to offer. And place your order online at


The 3D Beer Collection

Take a peek at some of our most favourite beers that have been brewed over the years.