The Dude

Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here! What a beverage too, Polish hops, four different malts and a strength to allow you to take it easy for all us sinners

Cult classics don’t come any  more cult than “The Big Lebowski”.

The Polish name set the scene for “The Dude” that uses two varieties of Polish hops, Junga and Pulawski. Wonderfully bronzed gold in colour, the flavours get really tied together with four different malts. “The Dude” abides with a light caramel, pleasing aroma followed by a dreamy, mellow toffee and nut sweetness on the tongue and a delicate bitter aftertaste.

5.5% ABV does the trick if you’re fan of those slightly trippy scenes in the movie!

The Dude abides!

Colour:Bronzed gold / amber
Hops:Junga (Poland)
Pulawski (Poland)
Malt:Finest Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt (UK)
Amber (UK)
Caramalt (UK)
Crystal (UK)

PROUDLY POWERED BY A DIET OF BEER AND PIZZA! 3d Beer is a trading name of Epic Beers Limited.