Get in to the Halloween spirit with a scarily good pint of this spooky looking green beer! Tastes so good you’ll want to be slimed over and over!

Glow in the dark pump clips!

With Halloween being the second biggest socially celebrated calendar event after Christmas, you can get in to the mood with this awesome beer brewed just for the occasion.

Brewed using American hops, ancient incantations are chanted over the mash tun to summon up the flavour demons whilst ectoplasm is added during the brew. Just like everything else in Halloween it may look a tad frightening but a treat lies within this genuinely well crafted beer – it’s slime green colour tricks your eyes as your taste buds get possessed by the incredibly drinkable flavour.

Streams of lime, grapefruit, mango and orange all cross dimensions of aroma and flavour to create a frighteningly good beer tribute to All Hallows Eve. Dare you try some?

Hops:Comet (USA)
Chinook (USA)
Simcoe (USA)
Amarillo (USA)
Malt:Ectoplasm infused Finest Extra Pale
Yeast:Our own paranormal strain of ale yeast

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