Sheridan’s Irish Coffee Milk Stout

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Beer, Coffee, Whisky – what’s not to love?!

We tend to produce beers using the four basic ingredients, water, malt, hops and yeast – it’s a recipe that’s worked for thousands of years. Every now and then though, we decide to do something a little extra special and Sheridan’s the latest example of this.

Named after the chef who invented Irish Coffee, Sheridan’s is a silky smooth milk stout, it explodes with bold flavours of coffee, whisky and vanilla to give a true flavour experience. We used real Irish Whisky and coffee in the making of this to give it a stunning flavour. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day (or just any day you might like a beer!)

Colour:Black (stout)
Hops:Goldings (UK)
Malt:Extra Pale Ale Malt (UK)
Crystal 150 (UK)
Chocolate (UK)
Black (UK)
Dextrin (UK)
Roasted Barley (UK)

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