OMG! Santa’s Coming!

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Son of a nutcracker! What a beer! Citrussy with some chocolate notes, a beautiful Christmas beer!

OMG! Santa’s Coming! I know him! I know him!

We’re as excited as Buddy is when it comes to Christmas because we all know that means more beer and son of a nutcracker have we got a beer for you! Wonderful citrus notes right up front that are combined with a smooth, slight chocolate taste to offer up the comforting and fruity taste of Christmas.

Sample some today or be a cotton headed ninny muggins forever!

Hops:Styrian Wolf (Slovenia)
Citra (USA)
Simcoe (USA)
Malt:Finest Extra Pale (UK)
Caramalt (UK)
Amber (UK)
Crystal (UK)
Yeast:Our own cultivated ale yeast

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