When you have the need for speed this American IPA, using the best of the best American hops with lager malt, will be your wingman on any night out!

Who can deny just how awesome “Top Gun” was? Planes, fantastic movie quotes and a legendary soundtrack!

Inspired by all of this, “Hop Gun” is a beautifully engineered pale golden beer brewed using three varieties of American hops. A fresh hoppy aroma bursts from this easy drinking, medium bodied beer with a hoppy, citric flavour. Afterburners are full on for the lingering, yet refreshing, hoppy aftertaste.

Drink it now, or lose it forever!

ABV:4.8% - Keg
4.3% - Cask
Hops:Citra (USA)
Centennial (USA)
Cascade (USA)
Malt:Lager Malt (UK)

PROUDLY POWERED BY A DIET OF BEER AND PIZZA! 3d Beer is a trading name of Epic Beers Limited.