An American IPA with the power of five hops, five hop stages and a beautiful 5.0% ABV, drink it Danno!

We love retro and we love modern too! So a modern American IPA with a retro style was perfect!

Five different varieties of American hops are pushing the boundaries of what should be legal when it comes to such great taste! Arresting the taste buds, this beer is punchy and full of citrus and fruity aroma and flavour.

Drink it Danno!

Hops:Sterling (USA)
Chinook (USA)
Amarillo (USA)
Eureka! (USA)
Malt:Extra Pale Ale malt (UK)
Cara Gold (UK)

PROUDLY POWERED BY A DIET OF BEER AND PIZZA! 3d Beer is a trading name of Epic Beers Limited.