Dead Phoney Club

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Zesty, citrus session pale ale tribute to the craft beer trailblazers…

When BrewDog announced in October 2018 that they’d be returning to cask with one of their headline beers, “Dead Pony Club”, but it would only go in to their Draft House bars and carefully selected partners, we thought we’d help them with their mission to get more people drinking awesome beer!

So we downloaded their recipe and brewed it ourselves, getting it out to pubs up to two weeks before their bars.

We hope you don’t mind BrewDog, it’s just our little tribute to what you’ve achieved in this past decade, keep being awesome!

Colour:Burnished Gold
Hops:Simcoe (USA)
Citra (USA)
Mosaic (USA)
Malt:Extra Pale

PROUDLY POWERED BY A DIET OF BEER AND PIZZA! 3d Beer is a trading name of Epic Beers Limited.