A genius yet nerdy blend of four unique hops, each with their own character of intellectual flavour that combine to create something every beer geek can enjoy!

With a name like “The Big Bang Theory”, any beer homage to such comedy genius is going to have to have a “big bang” of flavour and this beer passes this exam easily!

Beautifully golden with an intellectually stimulating aroma, this light bodied beer is dangerously easy drinking as it’s cleverly hoppy and citric flavours dominate throughout and beyond in to a pleasing citrus aftertaste.

A beer for those with the intellect to choose a great one! Bazinga!

Hops:Dr. Rudi (New Zealand)
Wakatu (New Zealand)
Olicana (UK)
Styrian Wolf (Slovenia)
Malt:Pale Ale Malt (UK)

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