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3D Cult Craft Beer is awesomely enjoyable,
completely unpretentious, cheeky beer!

It’s proudly unapologetic in what it stands for and the good times along the way!

It’s beer – proper craft beer! It’s been brewed by passionate superheroes with decades of experience in creating the most epic of beers. An independent Brewery that is the true nature of craft beer, and whilst we have a laugh, when it comes to our hand-crafted beer, we’re as serious as a super villain (and yes, we want world domination too!). Our beers are mainly just that – beer! Sure, we’ll use some additional ingredients occasionally to produce something super special but in the main, you’ll find our beer is as flavoursome and enjoyable with the four basic ingredients as many others are with plenty of weird stuff in!

Our beers or produced and developed by a brewer, not an accountant – it’s been brewed by hand, not by computer, and is a masterpiece instead of paint by numbers. The super powers of a brewer with laser vision on both quality and taste make our beer truly ‘crafted into creation’. See through the craft beer bullshit of over-hopped ‘undrinkables’, bacteria-ridden sours you can only pretend to enjoy and the hazy mess of unfined brews that look like your breakfast fruit juice, these are modern beers you can really enjoy, this is proper craft beer – and they’re designed to be drank!

Keeping beer LIVE!

It’s a battle worthy of any video game – keg versus cask, but why does it have to be one or the other? Why not both?

We’re all about the quality of our beer. We believe that beer should be live – it’s a proper food stuff, and as a result, our beers are available as both keg conditioned and cask conditioned, check this out…

We use the incredibly popular and versatile Petainer kegs or Keykegs. Our beer is only partially filtered when the keg is filled so there is still some yeast in the beer once it hits the keg (many others cold sterile filter losing some flavour and strength in the process). What this means, is that just like cask, you get a secondary fermentation as the beer conditions and matures further in the keg. This is perfect for modern beer lovers who like a cold crafted brew but want the fuller flavour of a live beer.

Just because we have a modern approach to our beer doesn’t mean we can’t draw on the traditional practices of putting beer in to cask. After all, cask conditioned beer is widely recognised as being of the highest quality and with that in mind, we proudly use casks to provide another delivery method to get awesome live beer out to our fellow beer lovers!


Keep up to date with releases of our awesome beers and get in on the beer banter and fun stuff!

PROUDLY POWERED BY A DIET OF BEER AND PIZZA! 3d Beer is a trading name of Epic Beers Limited.